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Online slot william hill machine casino also offers another benefit rather than normal casinos – They speed playing time to an average of 15%. Fewer breaks to refill the coin hoppers mean less downtime per machine. Also, because your internet money can be inserted into online slot machine casino of any denomination, customers don’t have to waste time getting change. In fact, the online slot machine casino technology has sparked a return of penny slots, which were phased out years ago due to the high cost of handling the coins. Penny and nickel slots are growing in popularity because customers often feel better about playing low-denomination online slot machine casino, even though the amount wagered per spin can be 100 or more times the minimum bet.

Does all of this mean that online slot machine casino are less noisy? Hardly. The new online slot machine casino play high-fidelity recordings of coins clattering and jingling when customers hit the jackpot. “A lot of traditionalists said, ‘I want to hear those coins,”‘ explains Virginia McDowell, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at Virutal city casino.